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Canada to send 1,000 soldiers to boost Nato presence on Russia border

With United States, UK and Germany, Canada will lead a high-readiness brigade of Natos boosted existence in Europe Canada will release 1,000 soldiers in Latvia to among 4 battalions Nato is putting together in eastern Europe in reaction to speech in the Canadian parliament . The alliance is starting a military accumulation on its members eastern flank extraordinary considering that completion of the Cold War. The Canadian soldiers will sign up with an overall of 4,000 soldiers Nato is releasing to the Baltic states and Poland to assist hinder the Kremlins danger after its actions in Crimea and its stiring of military dispute in eastern Ukraine . The deployment, to be finished by next year, is anticipated to be verified throughout next months top in Warsaw. Natos ground forces leader, United States General Ben Hodges, raised issues recently over the alliances vulnerability in the area, stating it would presently be... Readmore

01 Jul
Grizzly bear kills cyclist riding forest trail in Montana

Grizzly bear kills cyclist riding forest trail in Montana

Authorities are looking for the bear after victim was assaulted near a camping site simply outside Glacier national forest Montana authorities state a grizzly bear assaulted and eliminated a bicyclist riding in the Flathead national park simply outside Glacier national... Readmore

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