March 18, 2017

Van Jones: Trump’s Budget ‘Drops A Bomb Financially’ On His Own Supporters

Van Jones: Trump’s Budget ‘Drops A Bomb Financially’ On His Own Supporters

CNNs Van Jones had some blunt words Thursday night for President Donald Trumps citizens: Your person is screwing you.

Jones was speaking about the proposed budget plan the president revealed previously in the day a budget that targets the senior and the bad , in part by removing a $35 million cost effective real estate program and federal government financing for Meals on Wheels. The spending plan likewise makes it clear that U.S. taxpayers will be bearing the cost to build a border wall , not Mexico, as Trump consistently guaranteed throughout his project.

Today was an insane day, even by Trumps insane requirements, Jones stated. We got our very first take a look at the Trump spending plan, which generally drops a bomb economically and financially on Trumps own fans.

Pointing to the presidents spending plan and healthcare propositions , Jones included, The unpleasant reality for Donald Trumps citizens is that Donald Trump has actually currently been recorded and coopted by the same D.C. experts that he ran versus.

Watch the complete section in the video listed below.

Following Trumps speech last month prior to a joint session of Congress, Jones applauded the previous business person for supplying a remarkable minute in American politics and ending up being president that night. Other experts likewise admired Trumps efficiency.

Two days later on, Trump was back to his old self, letting loose tweets implicating previous President Barack Obama of wiretapping his Trump Tower phones throughout the project. Congressional intelligence committee leaders stated today the presidents accusation appears unproven.

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