March 21, 2017

House committee grills Comey and Rogers on Trump and Russia: key points

House committee grills Comey and Rogers on Trump and Russia: key points

FBI director validates examination of Trump projects ties to Russian federal government and smacks down numerous of the presidents tweets

The House intelligence committee hearing on Russian tampering in the United States election has actually covered, as has the first day of judge Neil Gorsuchs verification hearings . Heres exactly what took place.

  • FBI director James Comey revealed for the very first time that the FBI, as part of our counterintelligence objective, is examining the Russian federal governments efforts to interfere in the 2016 governmental election, which consists of examining the nature of any links in between people connected with the Trump project and the Russian federal government, and whether there was any coordination in between the project and Russias efforts.
  • Trump project figures pointed out at the hearing consisted of Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, JD Gordon, Jeff Sessions and Kellyanne Conway. Comey decreased to state whether the president was or is being personally examined.
  • Comey knocked down Trumps assertion on Twitter that Barack Obama had wire tapped him. We do not have any info that supports those tweets, Comey stated.
  • Republican chairman Devin Nunes confessed: We understand there was not a physical wiretap at Trump Tower. However it is possible that other monitoring innovation was utilized versus President Trump and his partners.
  • Tweets sent out from the @potus account throughout the hearing mischaracterized Comeys statement which of NSA director Michael Rogers. One tweet stated the witnesses had actually informed Congress that Russia did not affect electoral procedure.
  • Comey was inquired about the tweet. Weve provided no viewpoint, have no view, have no details on possible effect, due to the fact that its not something weve took a look at, Comey stated. It definitely wasnt our objective to state that today.
  • Rogers rejected a White House claim that the Obama administration asked GCHQ to perform security on Trump, stating it would have been an offense of United States law to ask the British to perform such an operation.
  • Republicans required penalty for anybody who dripped categorized details to journalism, concerning Flynns contacts with Russian operatives or other issues.One member guaranteed to barbecue previous CIA director John Brennan and previous director of nationwide intelligence James Clapper about leakages next week.
  • It emerged that the FBI examination of Russian tampering was released in late July, although the general public did not discover of the examination for months, well after the FBI chose to reveal its examination of Hillary Clintons e-mails.

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