September 11, 2017

Screw Taylor Swifts Self-Serving Feminism

Screw Taylor Swifts Self-Serving Feminism

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Taylor Swift. How do I explain Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is perfect and makes no errors. And if she does slip up, likely required her to do it.

She has 2 token squad-friends of color, a white PR sweetheart.

I hear she does feminism commercials

Her preferred pastime is calling individuals sexist when they call her out for something legitimate.

One time Donald Trump ended up being President. she never ever spoke out versus him straight , particularly throughout the elections when her voice was most required.

One time I called her a white feminist and individuals got pissed.

Your WCW believes shes Regina George, is stuck in ’09, associates lady empowerment however slutshames &&uses her victim-complex like a badge

She is 27

— Clarkisha Kent (@IWriteAllDay_) August 25, 2017


No, seriously. Enough with the Mean Girls recommendations to pop music’s Regina George. If you’re asking exactly what Taylor Swift did now, besides suitable, copy, and gentrify Beyonc’s Formation , it’s that she’s launching her brand-new album on the 10th death anniversary of Kanye’s mom.

Whether this release date was unintended or deliberate remains to be seen. I lean more on the latter. It’s not likely Swift would stoop to such levels of petty, however I cannot state the very same for her management/PR group which has the power to affect.

Diane Alston

Swift will launch an album with a minimum of one diss track focused on Kanye. The whole album itself from the name to the snake is a huge “ unclear ” allusion to the Kanye-Kim fight, yet obviously NOT ONE. individual in the whole multi-million dollar production/management/marketing/ PR/record label group discovered this and brought it up?

I imply teens on Twitter determined the connection after 2 seconds, yet grown ass trained workers didn’t see this coming? As somebody with experience in the market, in my nation we typically offer a head’ s approximately the customer when coincidences like this occur. You’re attempting to inform me well-funded United States business with much better skilled employees in some way faltered with this?

For those who are not mindful, record labels are typically who gets to pick an album’s release date. There is a great deal of work and coordination required when it pertains to launching an album, specifically when a name as huge as Swift’s is connected to it. There is no real source Swift herself selected this date simply to be minor, however it is damn near difficult somebody else didn’t see.

If they did and they chose to accompany the date in order to acquire more promotion Swift need to be pissed and require some sort of action. It’s her name that’s getting dragged in the mud, all so that rich music executives make their piece of the pie.

If they did not and it actually just is a bad coincidence Swift must still be pissed. Her group and label need to have examined all the bases. They messed up, and, once again, she’s the one getting hung out to dry.

I think we will need to see and wait if Swift will lastly break her silence either by herself or somebody for her providing a declaration or altering the date or if she will continue to stay mum, like she has with concerns to racial stress in America and other POC problems.

Shannon Carlin

Now, let’s speak about the ridiculousness of her diss track. It’s called. Umm you actually did this to yourself, Taylor???? As an abundant adult white woman who just got her foot in Hollywood’s door since of her abundant white moms and dads, no one required you to do anything.

This tune and its video is simply another self-serving white lady victim story camouflaged as female empowerment, and I’m not here for it. The only thing empowering about her brand-new release was the part where she mentioned her sexual abuser. The shade tossed at other celebrities and the media who apparently her to and be born-again as a bad woman? Nah.

It’s perplexing how she decided to make an album about years-old abundant individuals fights, when she might’ve made an album about her unwanted sexual advances claim , however I think a self-identifying feminist singing about star beef is more empowering in some way.

Kanye might be garbage, Kim might be garbage, however Taylor is likewise some kind of garbage simply in a Hypocritical White Feminist All Lives Matter’sort of method. When it came down to it, #peeee

At least Kanye and Kim vocally supported Hillary. Taylor, on the other hand, might not be troubled with even a tweet, and previously she is STILL peaceful about politics.

What grates me and others about Swift( and celebs like her )is that whenever somebody has an extremely legitimate criticism about Swift cultural appropriation, utilizing feminism as a marketing tactic, acting hypocritically to individuals she’s had beef with they are constantly dismissed by Swift and her fans as being ” dissentious “,”sexist “,”a hater”, or “a bullshit phony feminist “.


It does not even matter if the individual slamming Swift is certified to speak about feminism than Swift is, individuals will state to that individual,

I have no idea exactly what the fuck sort of Instagram women-empowerment-selfie-caption these individuals got their meaning of feminism from, however a lady stating she is a feminist whilst being great to her fans does not excuse that female from being a regularly underperforming hypocritical “feminist” who just keeps in mind the motion when it favorably impacts an individual program or organisation.

Some fans are under the presumption that if a female is a feminist, then that instantly safeguards her and her feminism from analysis. This is incorrect.

Being a feminist methods your sisterhood is inclusive for all females originating from all racial and social backgrounds, with a concentrate on problems that impact minorities such as the bad, females of color, and LGBTQ+. Being a feminist ways your feminism’s objective is to take apart patriarchy and to bring concentrate on how strongly it has actually sunk its claws into aspects that affect individuals’s lives such as consumerism, civil liberties, gender functions, poisonous masculinity, equivalent representation, popular culture, and so on. Being a feminist ways your advocacy must be responsive to criticism and happy to confess drawbacks, discover, and enhance, due to the fact that your feminism isn’t really about you it has to do with liberating your sis from dominant oppressing ideologies, and the organizations that hold power and determine status quo.

Ignoring how bigotry and industrialism impacts ladies of color isn ’ t excellent feminism no matter what does it cost? you mean your favorites.

And you can mean Taylor Swift all you desire, however it does not alter the truth she is a white feminist who has actually not when defended or defended black/brown/asian/ native american/trans/minority ladies, which herfeminism just benefits HER AND HER REPUTATION, yet not does anything to free ladies of color from patriarchy.

You can dissect her brand-new video and lyrics all you desire as however, once again, that does not alter the truth Swift was born rich which she entered business since her white household was and rich . Her race and social status enables her the advantage to be apolitical while LGBTQ+females’s and females of color’s extremely presence requires them to be political. And while she stays comfy by she appropriates and gentrifies POC culture to benefit her brand name.

You can call me and others all you desire, however it does not alter the truth Swift has actually never ever spoken up versus Trump or the like, due to the fact that lord understands that ‘d upset the huge conservative part of her audience. Nor has she spoke out about whitewashing in Hollywood and the music market, due to the fact that lord understands that ‘d impact her profession as a white lady artist whose success actually depends upon the snubbing and sidelining of(tbh) more gifted artists of color.

What does it state that a great deal of the Taylor Swift slamming Swift’s feminism are individuals of color? If you believe your and Swift’s viewpoints on intersectional feminism and bigotry are much better than real individuals of color’s voices speaking up versus self-serving, western capitalist-driven, and profit-based feminism, I’mixed martial arts have to ask you what sort of drugs you’re on because, shit, they’re strong.

Until Swift in fact starts to be a great feminist and stops utilizing the motion to cover her ass when required and to own album sales, I and others will continue to call and slam out her so-called feminism .

Basically exactly what I’m aiming to state is

Fuck Taylor Swift and other apolitical rich white females who can manage to be apolitical, who seldom if ever acknowledge their benefit, and who just appreciates feminism when it straight accompanies their image and interests.

Fuck Taylor Swift and her self-serving feminism which does to assist free ladies, much less low-class, minority females. Fuck white feminism that just appreciates keeping and making revenue. Fuck liberal feminism that just raises and secures rich white cis women in very first world nations.

Fuck Taylor Swift and a few of the fans who will safeguard her to the death and make reasons for her in spite of legitimate criticism. Fuck individuals who make it possible for patriarchy to remain in power, and individuals who applaud white feminists for being in spite of carrying out less than the bare minimum. Fuck Swift advocates who name-called and slut-shamed Kim and Nicki and Katy for bold to beef with their idol, yet called anybody who spoke versus Taylor.

Fuck Taylor Swift, her record label, and her management group for rather perhaps utilizing a black guy’s discomfort as a method to acquire a lot more revenue and specific vengeance on a fight.

It just takes a Google search to see in-depth, smart short articles that poke holes in Swift’s Madonna personality, and the numerous times her PR group screwed up. When those 100 +short articles exist and when I essentially served links in this short article on a silver plate, I will not elaborate even more.

Confused why a lot of individuals believe Swift’s feminism is garbage? Baffled exactly what even is a white feminist? Fucking research study. Check out real feminist theory books, specifically composed by WOC. Pay attention to speeches and talks made by POC feminists. Differ from Swift and her PR group take duty on your own, question the circumstance, and be open to the possibility your favorite might be bothersome.

Swift’s hollow one-sided feminism must be canceled, and I’ll end this post with this quote:

Diane Alston

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