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How the middle class hoards wealth and opportunity for itself

American society is controlled by an elite 20% that ruthlessly safeguards its own interests W hen I was maturing, my mom would in some cases threaten my sibling and me with electrocution. Well, thats not rather. The hazard was of lessons in elocution, however we wittily, we believed relabelled them. Growing up in a really regular town simply north of London and going to an extremely regular high school, among our numerous linguistic atrocities was cannot pronounce the t in specific words. My mom, who was raised in rural north Wales and left school at 16, did not desire us to discover doors closed in a class-sensitive society merely due to the fact that we didnt speak exactly what is still called the Queens English. I will always remember the search her face when I handled to state the word computer system with neither a t. nor a p Still,... Readmore